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The company Spets 24 OÜ is the official representative of SolarStone® in Estonia.

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Компания Spets 24 OÜ является официальным представителем SolarStone® в Эстонии.

icon_widget_image Monday-Friday: 10:00 - 20:00; Sat-Sun: closed icon_widget_image Tehnika 24, 10149 Tallinn, Estonia icon_widget_image +372 5681 1011 +372 601 03 24 icon_widget_image info@solarspets.com
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Solarstone Tile series modules are compatible with wide selection of concrete and clay tiles.  Does not matter either you go for modern flat or traditional curved ones.  Below you’ll find a list of most popular tiles available on the market.

We suggest to go for darker grey of black flat tiles, which result in most attractive and homogenous combination.

  • BMI Monier – Tegalit, Turmalin, Minster, Teviva, Evo
  • Benders – Carisma, Mecklenburger
  • Wienerberger Koramic – Actua
  • Marley Eternit – Modern